Just purchased first time ever a refurbished machine at Niagara Computer Systems in Virgil.  Ryan was fantastic helping me figure out what kind of machine would suit my needs and telling my why refurbished is a perfectly fine route to go.  He cleaned up files,accounts and transferred my content over without a hitch.  He had me ready to go  in a few days.  (Be patient .. it is a small shop!)  Extremely knowledgeable and no question from the customer is too dumb.  Highly recommend this shop and Ryan's helpful service - so happy to have a local computer whiz to call upon!


Karen M.



Ryan is the most helpful, knowledgable and honest person I have met in the computer service business. He not only has the skills to offer first class service but also a patient, understanding and attentive attitude for those who are not particularly computer proficient.
I took my laptop to a local "expert" who pronounced it beyond repair and not worth saving and charged $100 for his time. Ryan had no trouble fixing the various issues, retrieved all my valuable files and saved me hundreds of dollars in buying an unnecessary replacement.
Highly recommend this local business.
Definitely a 5 star experience.
Thank you Ryan!


-Barry S.



The Niagara Computer service is top notch. Polite, friendly service and most of all very knowledgeable. Never in a hurry, always willing to help out. You will be pleased.


-Ken W.



Ryan saved my life! Calmly found and restored some really key family files and photos that went awol, and ensured the backup system is set to ensure this won't happen again. Thanks!! Great service.


-Carol F.



Dropped my 2013 HP Pavilion Notebook and damaged the hard drive. Ryan replaced it with a Solid State Drive - advising me that it would be 10 times faster. He was right - anything that requires disk reads/writes is much, much faster - including rebooting which is noticeable quicker. I could have gone out and bought a cheap laptop for $500 but my notebook had served me well. I've learned a lesson over the years and Ryan has reinforced it.....spend the extra money to buy a good solid computer and don't be afraid to spend a few bucks to fix it if you're a clumsy oaf like I was. Ryan was polite, professional - and a good listener. If you've got a problem - go and see him. Niagara Computer also has a full range of adapters, connectors and software.


-Don M.



Highly recommend - really good, thorough service and technical support!


-Irena B.



A little gem in a small town. Meets all your computer needs.


-Jane M.



My Asus laptop developed a fatal failure with the "Blue screen of death".
Took it to Niagara Computer Systems and Ryan was very patient listening to my issues that had been slowly developing.  He explained the possible causes and possible remedy.  Left it with Ryan and he found that the hard drive had some bad sectors, making the computer useless.  He was very communicative and informative and so I ended up having a solid state drive installed.  All my files were kept intact and after a cleanup was assured that it was as good as a new computer and a lot faster than before.  Very happy with the service, they are very knowledgeable and trustworthy.  Highly recommended.


-David F.



Patient, knowledgeable help


-David F.



Really good staff and helpful!!


-Omid R.